About M&D


M&D Capital is much more than a medical billing service: we are a business partner that can help you manage a significant portion of your operations, proactively and efficiently.

We are a specialty healthcare advisory firm that assists healthcare providers to grow their businesses. Our principals have deep experience in managing the complicated financial affairs of medical practices. We believe that every viable medical practice has the potential for growth. We specialize in helping practices with financial challenges realize significant gains in revenue

About Us

Our business experience is brought to every medical billing client account in several ways:


With years in the healthcare billing industry, M&D makes a trustworthy partner for your practice or surgical center.


Your data resides on your own individualized secure servers (hosting optional) and monthly reports are customized to your needs.


We work with the finest and most reputable coders in the business, which translates to better quality control, minimal error rates and continuous process improvement.


Each client is assigned a manager who is dedicated to your account and is always available to give you the information and assistance you need. You will never get the runaround, or be transferred across the ocean to get a question answered about your account.


With a deep background in law and the healthcare industry, we are much more than a billing service. We are strategic partner in your practice that you can trust with the business of billing. We ensure that all aspects of your medical billing, both large and small are handled in the most efficient and professional manner- all with a focus on substantially increasing your net revenue- letting you devote more time on what matters most to you both personally and financially- the actual practice of medicine.​


At M&D Capital we pride ourselves as leaders of the industry in essentially every aspect. In our extensive experience billing and collecting for our clients, M&D Capital has developed unique tools that enable us to get higher reimbursements faster and with less hassle. Our Worker’s Comp and No Fault/PIP claims, for example, are submitted electronically along with all necessary documentation and medical records on the cutting edge of the industry. Furthermore, we run a paperless office with all clients having a unique secure database for their documents and claims retention.