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At M&D Capital we are of the firm belief that at the core of a successful professional medical practice is a medical billing operation that is uniquely tailored to the practice. Medical billing is not “cookie-cutter”- it must be customized to each practice in order to maximize net profits. There are many factors which must be considered in properly billing medical claims. Beginning with the choice of which networks to participate in and when to go “out-of-network”, to a properly customized fee schedule, to how to establish partnerships and employment agreements- all are vital components of a successful medical billing operation which maximizes revenue. This is all the more true in today’s times where medical practices face a plethora of complex health insurance networks, “discount-pricers” and changing health care regulations.

M&D Capita

That is why at M&D Capital we pride ourselves on being much more than a medical billing service- we become an integral part of your medical practice and ensure that, while the physicians focus on patient care, the proper “business” operations of your practice are in place- maximizing net profits and receivables.

M&D Capital is a specialty medical billing firm founded and managed by attorneys, with the expertise required in every aspect of the healthcare business. Using our proven, proprietary methods, we structure your practice to ensure that every opportunity for revenue growth are optimized. M&D Capital provides this level of expertise to both large and small medical practices and to a wide-range medical specialties. With M&D Capital, practices can have the full confidence that their billing will be processed properly, timely and while staying in full compliance with coding regulations.

Physician Billing

Physician Billing

M&D provides a comprehensive billing solution that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Facility Billing

Facility Billing

With our intimate knowledge of how large medical and surgical practices are managed, we can guide facilitiesg.
Claims Recovery

Claims Recovery

M&D works with new providers that have prior large unpaid emergency room or workers’ comp claims to recover.
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