M&D provides a comprehensive billing solution that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual client. This medical billing solution not only ensures that all sources of revenue are captured- it also endeavors to proactively create new additional income streams.

Physician Billing Service
Facility Billing Service


With our intimate knowledge of how large medical and surgical practices are managed, we can guide facilities to higher revenues through smarter billing.

At M&D Capital we have a comprehensive grasp of the current fee schedules and the knowledge how to maximize payments allowing us to advise our facilities clients on ways to increase revenue while still maintaining adherence to local, state and federal regulations. Many facilities find they can restructure the way they bill for the services — and even the services they offer — in order to maximize revenues. M&D Capital is often able to help facilities and medical practices on the brink of profitability restructure their billing and become a valued resource within the local medical community.


M&D Capital uniquely specializes in billing for emergency room connected cases where the patient has insurance in which the doctors do not participate (“non-par emergency room/hospital billing”). Using a systematic and innovative approach- refined through years of success, M&D Capital successfully collects all or close to all of the actual billed amount for these non-par emergency room charges directly from the insurance carrier- without the need for patient involvement. Using our proprietary method, M&D has to date collected millions of dollars in this category of billing from all major insurance companies.
Non Par Provider Hospital Billing Service
Professional Coding Service


Proper coding is key to maximizing revenue. M&D Capital’s certified coders assure you the most revenue while complying with all the rules and regulations of medical coding. We take the time to educate our client doctors in proper dictation of their services, whether E&M or surgical, to avoid delays in payment. The biggest dollar claims are coded together with an M.D. to assure as high a reimbursement rate as possible the first time they are submitted. All this ensures that your revenue is maximized while at the same time assure that you are protected and in proper compliance.


M&D works with new providers that have prior large unpaid emergency room or workers’ comp claims to recover a significant portion of these unpaid claims.
Claims Recovery Service


For many clients, a comprehensive review of their billing practices can save them precious time and money. M&D Capital works with medical office managers to make sure their processes are optimized to get reimbursements quickly and without hassle.


After a thorough examination of a practice’s current credentialing and in-network participation, we supply full service credentialing on both ends: getting doctors “in-network” and removing doctors from “insurance networks” – depending on which method would maximize net receivables. Our credentialing services streamline and centralize provider data management, and offer the most accurate customizable form completion technology available.
Credentialing Service